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3 great guys playing 3 great chords. The Pale Imitations play fierce, real rock & roll... watch their freak flag fly.
Andy Shernoff - The Dictators, NYC

nyc/boston rock vet ron raymond has collaborated with reeves gabrels and the sleazegrinder and still bludgeons these old warhorse three chord punk rock songs i helped him write with an intensity i could scarcely have mustered at nineteen. ron's like a sinister cross between al jourgensen and eddie spaghetti showing the kiddie costumed bands how it's done, a longhaired, jack booted rocknroll animal primed for the devil's work, slingin' his trusty gibson, bare fanged and claws first and screamin his heart out shades of steve miller from electric frankenstein. he's got more character and personality than 99% of the also-ran's still going through the punknroll motions. a pale imitations performance is more about sex, sweat, anger, and frustration than imported shoes and skinny ties....
Dimitri Monroe - Hitlist, Detriot Metro Times

'You remind me of early Replacements"
Jeff Dahl -

Pale Imitations- Maximum R&B!
The Pale imitations are only as new as the bruises on your thighs, baby. It all started years and years ago with rockn'roll secret agents Ron Raymond and Dimitri Monroe sitting in a filthy, piss stained basement just outside of Rock City, high as kites on paint thinner and glue and the kind of booze that comes in a plastic bottle, fighting over some crazy but beautiful glam rock chick, and writing songs that always ended up sounding like Van Halen blasting out of blown speakers in a Trans Am driven by white trash punks that couldn't even tell the difference between Social Distortion and Motley Crue anymore. Every full moon or so, the Pale Imitations have come back to screaming life, like Ghostrider or something, in whatever town either of the boys in the band found worthy, or at least available, co-conspirators. They would once again rev up the Deathtrip Studebaker in their dreams and hurl themselves into any stage that would take them, ripping open these suicide glitter anthems like they were enemies to be vanquished, done away with for good. But these songs will never really go away. They may have been written as loosely as a Charlie Manson parole hearing speech, but over the years they have been honed down to razor sharp points, and they fit so neatly into fancy , modern day sub-genre buzz phrases like 'Motorpunk' and 'Action rock' that you almost forget they were composed in the days when we just called it 'rock and roll'. The Pale Imitations still do. The new Gotham City version is snarlier than ever, but the songs remain the same. Anorexic teenage sex gods, it seems, never go out of style.
Sleazegrinder - History will prove us right.

Killer punk rock n' roll, the way it should be made.
Adam T. The Beatings

The Pale Imitations
4-song CD EP
This is fucking excellent! Formed back in the day by Ron Raymond and Dimitri Monroe, the Pale Imitations have faded into oblivion countless times, only to come back to life again and again with Satanic three-chord vengeance. The long-haired wildman Raymond has assembled a new cast of supporting degenerates to record four songs he wrote with Monroe back in '97, and this little EP kicks the living shit out of the half-hearted poser shite that usually passes for "punk rock n' roll" these days.

Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for the apocalypse; this noise is mean and filthy and pure and evil. IÕm talking drug-abusin', hell-raisin', high-octane, pedal-to-the-metal dirtbag rock n' roll that strives to exceed the bounds of decency and corrupt the youth of America. I'm talking dirty-butt-sex-in-the-back-alley, whiskey-fueled mayhem. I'm talking a max riff power primal assault. I'm talking defiantly loud, delightfully crude mega-motherfucker sonic destruction!

Not for the faint of heart.