4th of July Week Road Trip 2007
8 days, 8 States (NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, WV, PA) - 1600 miles

Bikes: Edie - 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low     Ron - 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 750

Day 1 - LES of NYC to Lewes, Delaware - 193 miles

Day 1 - Ready to Ride on the LES

Day 1 - Leaving Cape May, NJ - Ferry to Lewes, Delaware

Day 1 - Ocean view of Cape May Ferry

Day 1 - Hotel Blue - Lewes, DE

Day 1 - Hotel Blue - Lewes, DE

Day 2 - Lewes, DE to Virginia Beach, VA - 190 miles
Down RT 1 on the DE and MD 'shore', then turning inland to Rt 113 through the
chicken farms in the heart of MD and on to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into Virginia Beach, VA.

Day 2 - Ready to Ride in Hotel Blue Parking lot

Day 2 - Stop on the Island 1/2 Across the 20 mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge and tunnels.
As we were approaching the island, we saw a submarine headed out to sea.

Day 2 - Glamour stop on the Island 1/2 Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Day 2 - Break Time in Virginia Beach, VA

Day 2 - On the beach at last! Virginia Beach, VA

Day 2 - Edie the water sprite - Virginia Beach, VA

Day 2 - NYC tude on the beach - Virginia Beach, VA

Day 3 - Virginia, Beach, VA to Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, NC - 160 miles
Highway 615 South, across the NC border to Knott's Island. Then across Currituck Sound via Ferry to
Rt 158 and across the bridge to Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Day 3 - Boarding the Knott's Island Ferry
Note the Homeland Security Threat Level sign to the right

Day 3 - Chillin' like Bob Dylan on the Ferry

Day 3 - Can't wait to start them up again

Day 3 - Lunch! Want some of that NC style BBQ

Day 3 - Yum!

Day 4 - Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, NC - 90 miles
We stayed on the beach in KDH for 2 nights. On July 4th, we rode about 40 miles down the Outer Banks,
then headed back to the hotel for some serious beach time. We watched the fireworks from the beach that night.

Day 4 - View from our hotel room

Day 4 - Glamour break at Pea Island Seashore Park on the Charles Kuralt Trail, Outer Banks, NC

Day 4 - Turtle mob scene at Pea Island Seashore Park

Day 5 - Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks, NC to Farmville, VA - 295 miles
This was our most ambitious day of riding , we usually try & go no more than 200 mi in a day.
But we were rewarded with an incredible variety of landscapes - NC Rt 64 west took us over numerous bridges of
the Albemarle Sound. Then NW on NC 308 & 305, through Roanoke Rapids & NC farm country. Into Virginia & several hours
of aimless meandering, ending up on VA 46. Just just as we hit Victoria, VA we were caught in a torrential downpour. (see below)
We waited it out and finished our ride into Farmville riding through late afternoon sunlight in the lush green hills of VA,
with the cool post-rainfall smell and mist rising from the roads as they cooled from the day's heat.

Day 5 - East Lake, NC just across the Albemarle Sound bridge.

Day 5 - Bug Guts   Somewhere near Rich Square, NC
A large, squishy bug, collided with my face at 50 mph, resulting in
yellow goo all over my Raybans & face and a horrible smell.

Day 5 - Farm, Rt 308, NC

Day 5 - Ridin the storm out - Victoria, VA

Day 5 - Hard Rain Gonna Fall - Victoria, VA
Rained like crazy for about 45 min

Day 6 - Farmville, VA to Lost River, WV - 185 miles
Rolling hills and green farmland of VA Highway 56 & 59 and 42 gave way to the mountains of
WV. WV Rt 259 took us into Lost River with it's 10 room hotel next to a very good restaurant & bar.
Also apparently the only real restaurant for miles around

Day 6 - Ready to Roll - Farmville, VA

Day 6 - Highway 56, VA

Day 6 - Wingina, VA
As far as we could tell this store was all the town consisted of

Day 6 - Overlook in WV, Looking back into VA

Day 6 - Ron the Leatherman in WV

Day 6 - Overlook in WV, Looking back into VA

Day 6 - Lookin Back to Where We've Been - Somewhere near the VA - WV border

Day 6 - We Got to Ramble On - Somewhere near the VA - WV borderr

Day 6 - Lost River Grill & Motel - WV

Day 6 - Sunset - Lost River, WV

Day 7 - Lost River, WV to Enola, PA - 210 miles
Spent most of the day riding in WV, but took time to put our feet in the swimmin hole at Senca Rocks.
Late afternoon found us booking on I 68, 70 & 81 to get to Enola, PA - just across the river from Harrisburg.

Day 7 - Edie kicks her boots off & wades in the swimmin hole - Seneca Rocks Park, WV

Day 7 - Swimmin Hole - Seneca Rocks Park, WV

Day 7 - Ron on the path to the swimmin hole - Seneca Rocks Park, WV

Day 7 - Seneca Rocks - Seneca Rocks Park, WV

Day 7 - Ever been to a Quality Inn? - Enola, PA

Day 7 - Rumors - the hot spot of Enola (hot wings & cold beer) - Enola, PA

Day 8 - Enola, PA to NYC - 180 miles
Decided to do a straight shot eastward on the I 78 & try & beat the returning holiday traffic into Manhattan.
Made great time & then spent 45 minutes in 95 degree heat going a 1/4 mile to get into the Holland tunnel.
Welcome back to the Big Apple...

Day 8 - Hey its good to be back home again